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24H Emergencies

veterinarios urgencias

In our emergency department, the most serious cases are treated with priority

Our premise is to guarantee the survival of our patients, maximizing their recovery rates.

For it,Our emergency team evaluates the vital compromise of patients, with those of greatest severity receiving immediate attention: bleeding from internal organs, breathing problems, seizures, loss of consciousness, etc.

Thus, our emergency veterinary care processgives preference to those patients who need urgent treatment, not to those who arrive first.

Beforehand,We appeal to your empathy and appreciate your understanding.

Always open for you

Bluecare Partners Hospital makes its facilities, equipment and staff available to our clients. 24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days a yearthanks to its personal emergency service.

Count on usday and night, whether work or holiday.

Our weekend and holiday rate does not vary: We do not increase the cost of consultation or that ofservices and teststhat our patients need during the emergency

OnlyExtra charges will be applied in those cases that require additional specialized personnel in a veterinary area, as may occur when there is a need for surgical intervention or emergency specialist diagnostic testing.

A team of internists, neurologists, surgeons and specialized anesthetists remain on call, being able to appear at the hospital as quickly as the case requires.

Our reason for being is the well-being of our patients. For this reason, we have personnel specialized in emergency patients who not only know the first intervention protocol, but are prepared toadvise and recommend our clients the best options for each case.

Immediacy and precision when you need it most

The emergency area has the services that our patients need:

  • Laboratory tests (biochemistry, blood count, blood gases, electrolytes, lactate, etc.) withImmediate results to guarantee quick and accurate decision making.

  • Blood and blood products bank for dogs and cats. If our patients need a blood transfusion,We do not have to resort to other centers, which minimizes time and maximizes results.

  • Diagnostic imaging, ultrasound and x-ray at the time.We know what is happening in minutes.

  • Internal pharmacy for intensive care.An immediate treatment for unexpected situations.

  • Intensive monitoring equipment for critical patients.We instantly analyze the constants of our patients to reverse them as quickly as possible: oxygen, CO2, heart and respiratory rate, blood pressure, etc.

  • Operating room and anesthesia equipment forCommon surgical emergencies requiring immediate intervention:gastric torsions, cesarean sections, removal of foreign bodies, etc.

We ensure quality internal communication to guarantee the peace of mind of our clients: Each patient's regular veterinarian will be aware of this new situation, updating the history and being in continuous contact with the emergency veterinarian.

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